Thick cocks, large breasts, and a voluptuous booty. It’s no surprise that these physical features equal a hard cock and wet pussy. But what about when you’re turned on by some more unconventional things, including non-sexual physical objects? This sexual attraction is known as a fetish and it’s actually much more common than you may realize. 

According to a survey done by Bustle, at least 75% of people have at least one fetish. You’ve probably heard of a few common ones including an obsession with people’s feet, bondage, or even wearing lingerie during sex. But with thousands of fetishes shared by millions of people, there’s likely a few you haven’t heard of. Here we’ll cover both uncommon and common fetishes that might surprise and excite you — or both!

Some fetishes are so intense that people can’t get sexually aroused without them.

Hold onto your panties and let’s explore a list of fetishes and kinks that range from sexy to sadistic and everything in between.

  1. Age Play

It’s not uncommon for people to wish they were younger, thinner, or in better shape. But an age play fetish is something different. If you’ve ever heard a girl call her man “daddy”, you may be experiencing age play first-hand. The daddy dominant/babygirl dynamic is one of the most popular forms of age play. Some people take it to the extreme of actually dressing the part, complete with oversized diapers and props like a binky or rattle. If the idea of age play excites you, start off by calling your partner “baby” or “daddy” and see how they react. While some people are freaked out by this dynamic, others view it as an extension of the dominant-submissive relationship.

  1. Anililagnia

A different form of age play, people with anililagnia don’t pretend to be a different age. Instead, this fetish describes a man who is only attracted to older women. Think cougar, but the reverse. Men with anililagnia often date, have sex with, and even marry women who are their senior. Some are even turned off by women their own age! Can you blame them? There’s something undeniably sexy about an older woman who knows her way around the bedroom. 

  1. Bondage

Rihanna sang about it in her hit song S&M and chances are, you own at least one pair of handcuffs or a blindfold. Bondage is a wildly popular fetish that most people have dabbled in once or twice. Bondage represents the B in the acronym BDSM and is any form of restraint for sexual pleasure. Bondage is also a two-way street. Some people get off on tying their partner up while others like to be the one tied up. If you enjoy both, you’re known as a switch. Popular restraints include handcuffs, sex tape, ropes, and spreaders (restraints with bars that keep your arms or legs extended). Door swings and full bread restraints are other popular options. The kinky world of bondage doesn’t end there. More extreme lovers incorporate whips, paddles, ball gags, and even hot wax. 

  1. Cuckolding

Being unfaithful in a monogamous relationship is usually frowned upon — except when your husband asks for it. Cuckolding is when a husband gets off on watching his wife have sex with another man. There are different forms of cuckolding, with some including humiliation. In some instances, the husband is present and an active participant in the event while other times, the man just enjoys the idea of their wife coming home after having unprotected sex with another guy. Although cuckolding is mostly associated with men, some women are turned on by the idea of their man pleasuring another woman. If you can’t stomach the idea of your partner actually having sex with someone else, you can safely explore this fetish through plenty of dirty talk and role-playing (more on this later).

  1. Dominance

Dominance is the D in BDSM and is most commonly used alongside the S, which stands for submission. These two concepts go hand-in-hand. Dominant partners find sexual pleasure in controlling their partner during consensual sex. A certain power exchange exists between the dominant partner and the submissive who enjoys being, well, submitted! While most D and S relationships involve some form of kink or bondage, this isn’t always the case. In fact, some dominant roles carry far beyond the bedroom where the dominant partner is responsible for the wellbeing of the submissive. In return, the submissive relinquishes all control and decision-making to the dominant. The key during this exchange is that both partners are in agreement with the rules of the relationship. 

  1. Electrostimulation

This fetishism sounds, well, electrifying — and it is. Let’s start by saying that getting electrocuted can be both painful and dangerous. Electrostimulation skirts right on the edge of pleasure and pain. As an extension of the dominant-submissive relationship, the sub uses an electrifying wand or other contraption to electrify the genitals of her dominant partner. Ouch! Certain specialty sex shops carry a device known as a transcutaneous electrical nerve endings stimulation unit (TENS) just for this purpose. While some people use these devices to work out the kinks in their backs, others use them because they like kink!

  1. Foot Fetishism

This is the most common fetish of them all. The correct term is podophilia and it describes anyone who’s sexually aroused by kissing, tickling, sucking, and otherwise worshipping feet. In most cases, it’s men who are attracted to women’s feet and it’s not just the feet themselves. Aside from getting-off on the 10-little-piggies, men also find footwear (heels, boots, etc.), embellishments (tattoos or toenail polish), decorations (jewelry), and the smell and touch of human feet to be a huge turn-on. If your partner has a foot fetish, you’re in luck — they’ll likely jump at the chance to give you a foot massage.

  1. Gagging

Did someone say deep-throat? Gagging is common during oral sex and is sexually arousing for both partners. The guy gets off on knowing that he has a big enough penis to cause his partner to gag, whereas some females are sexually aroused by gagging on their partner’s member. The interesting part is that it doesn’t take a large object to trigger your gag reflex (just don’t tell your man that). Anything thrust far enough down the throat can cause gagging, and for some people, an increase in sexual desire. Ballgags are another popular kink item used to indulge in this naughty fetish. The only risk here is that you may gag to the point of vomiting, which is an entirely different fetish known as emetophilia

  1. Nylons

Most men find lingerie attractive and most women feel sexy wearing it. While it may not last long during sex, lingerie is a great form of foreplay. A nylon fetish, though, is something different and actually stems from podophilia (a foot fetish). If you get turned on by the look and feel of legs, feet, and toes constricted in nylon fabric, this fetish describes you. Some people even get turned on by smelling nylons and using them as a gag or blindfold during BDSM play. Nylons also double as restraints during bondage play. A nylon fetish is unique because it can be combined with other fetishes, like bondage or podophilia. Not sure which fetish you have? If it’s the nylons that turn you on and not the feet inside them or the act of being tied up with them, then chances are, you get your kicks from the nylons themselves. 

  1. Objectum Sexuality

If you’ve ever seen an episode of My Crazy Obsession you may have witnessed people falling in love with inanimate objects. Vacuum cleaners, park benches, and suitcases are just a few items that people with this strange fetish might show favortism too. This fetish is known as objectum sexuality — when someone becomes attracted to an inanimate object. The ironic part is (before you write these people off as freaks) that a fetish is defined as exactly that — an attraction to an inanimate object. But instead of being a tangible item you use in everyday life fetishes are usually something involving sexier items like lingerie, a vibrator, or feet. Not to mention, the sex doll industry is blowing up (no pun intended), which is changing people’s views on this particular fetish. With the introduction of AI (artificial intelligence) and other advances in technology, today’s sex dolls can actually talk and interact with their owners, taking objectum sexuality to a completely new, deeper level. 

  1. Pregnancy Fetishism

There’s no denying that the female body is a beautiful thing to be worshipped. For some people, the pregnant woman form is the sexiest of them all. Enter, pregnancy fetishism. This fetish comes in two forms — people who are more attracted to their partner once they’re impregnated and others who find any pregnant woman attractive, regardless of who they are. 

When a man finds their pregnant partner’s body irresistible, there’s usually some level of intimacy and emotion connected to their desire. Knowing that a woman is carrying your child can be a huge turn-on for some men. On the other hand, some guys just find a belly bump hot as fuck! Staying true to form, a fetish is an attraction to a specific object or body part, so pregnancy fetishism means being sexually aroused by a round, swollen tummy. The good news is, pregnant women are HORNY, which means you shouldn’t have much trouble convincing your pregnant half to engage in some hot and steamy sex.

  1. Quirofilia

Hands are the key to all sorts of sexual pleasure from caressing and massaging, to spanking, finger-banging, handjobs, and even fisting. So, it’s no real surprise that some people find a person’s hands irresistible. This fetish is known as quirofilia and extends beyond just using hands for sexual pleasure. People get-off on the site and feel of long fingers, great manicures, and even hand and finger jewelry, like rings and bracelets. Some people also get-off on watching people perform everyday tasks with their hands including things like washing the dishes or gardening. It’s the mere act of watching hands work that creates a sexual attraction. 

  1. Role-Playing

There’s something extremely appealing about putting reality on the back burner for a while and pretending to be someone you’re not — or do someone you’ve always fantasized about doing. Role-playing usually involves dressing up and taking on the persona of a character or specific person during sex that exists in your everyday life. The most common role-playing scenarios include a hero (firefighter, police officer), medical doctor or nurse, pool boy, professor, or other authority roles. These role-playing dynamics lend themselves to some pretty fun and flirty costumes, but dressing up isn’t required. Some couples engage in adulterous role-play where they pretend to pick each other up at a bar or sneak home for a quickie without their spouse knowing. When it comes to role-playing, the only limit is your imagination and your partner’s comfort level. The best part is you can indulge in your favorite, naughtiest fantasies without straying outside your relationship (unless cheating is our fetish).

  1. Urophilia

This fetish is more commonly known as golden showers and involves urination during sex. People with this fetish become sexually aroused by urine — the smell, the warmth, and yes, even the taste. It’s not uncommon for a little pee to escape during sex, but when it comes to urophilia, pee play is completely intentional. Some people get turned on by peeing on their partners while others prefer to be peed on. Some even go as far as ingesting it. There’s one of two ways to do this. One partner can pee in a cup for the other to drink or, if you’re feeling really kinky, you can pee in each other’s mouths. If you’re unsure about indulging your partner’s urophilia, try taking things to the shower. This reduces the mess and makes for fast, easy, clean-up. Plus, shower sex is fun for everyone!

  1. Voyeurism 

For some people, taking things outside of the bedroom is their fetish — voyeurism describes people who get-off on watching other people have sex. Exhibitionists are the ones who enjoy being watched while in the act. This dynamic needs to be consensual or else you might find yourself in deep shit (did someone say peeping Tom?) Sex and swinger parties are a common atmosphere for people to indulge in this fetish. Don’t be surprised if you enjoy a bit of voyeurism without even realizing it. Have you ever noticed yourself watching an intimate couple together at dinner or a club? Did you feel a rush of pleasure at the sight of two people touching or kissing? This is a mild form of voyeurism and also relates to the fetish of watching porn, known as pictophilia.

Whether your fetish is on this list or not, it doesn’t make you a freak. It means you’re in touch with your sexual, sensual side and that’s something to celebrate! Having open lines of communication between you and your partner is key in safely and comfortably exploring your deepest, darkest desires. Did one or more of these fetishes turn you on? Don’t be afraid to experiment and tap into your wild side. 

April Sutphen