KC v SF Superbowl Swingers Party: In It to Win It Part II

My husband Ben and I host a Super Bowl party every year, but last year was a little different. I totally flipped the script on Ben without even telling him. Poor bastard. But, let’s face it, he wasn’t exactly complaining last year when Pam was sucking his cock in the back bedroom, and other couples were fucking all over our house. The ladies and I were tired of the guys being glued to the TV all night while our pussies needed tending to. So, I created a raunchy Super Bowl pool that ended in a full-blown orgy. It was pretty fucking epic, and I was more than ready for round 2.  

Unfortunately, things weren’t going as planned. Our friends were either away on vacation, sick, or couldn’t find babysitters. We were bummed, but instead of pouting and missing out on some fun, I decided to throw a more intimate get-together. One that involved just me, my husband Ben and our sexy neighbors I’d been eye-fucking since they moved in a few months ago.

To say housewife Brittany was attractive is an understatement. The woman was fucking gorgeous. She was hard not to notice, and trust me, Ben and every other man in the neighborhood most definitely noticed her. She had the type of body, full lips, and breasts that men jerked off to in the shower or imagined while fucking their own wives. With long, platinum-blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, a small waist, big hips and a thick ass, she made every husband’s head turn and dick rock hard. And if they were anything like Ben, I was confident they’d been fucking their wives harder and more often since her arrival.

And don’t even get me started on her husband, Diego. The man was built like a Greek God and I was dying to find out if his cock was as thick and hard as his chest and back. I can’t tell you how many times I’d gotten off using my favorite vibrator and thoughts of Diego’s head between my legs. But my fantasies didn’t end there. I remember one night, in particular, riding Ben’s long, firm cock imagining Diego filling me up while Brittany watched from the corner of the bedroom, fingering herself. My mind ran wild every time I caught a glimpse of the sexy couple next door. 

Now, enough was enough. I needed to get closer to them, and the Super Bowl was my way in. My heart raced, and my pussy throbbed as I dialed her number. 

“Hey, Brittany!” I tried to sound casual. My heart was racing, and my mouth was dry. It was the same way I felt when I spied on Brittany from my kitchen window and every time I imagined Diego’s cock in my mouth. 

“Oh, hi Victoria. How are you?” Her voice was pleasant and light – a perfect compliment to her seemingly carefree personality. 

After a few minutes of small talk, I got straight to the point. 

“So, if you and Diego don’t have any plans this Sunday, did you wanna come watch the Superbowl with Ben and I?”

Brittany got instantly excited. Her voice was enthusiastic and high-pitched.

“Yes,” she squealed, and I couldn’t help but wonder if that’s how she sounded when Diego was fucking her from behind. “We love football!”

I could barely contain my excitement as I shared the details with her about the time and menu.

“OK, see you Sunday,” she exclaimed before hanging up. 

I stood there momentarily, frozen with my hand still gripping the phone. I wondered how many times I’d masturbate in anticipation from now until Sunday.

That night, I filled Ben in on the Superbowl plan as he showered. I loved sitting on the small ottoman in our bathroom, watching the water cascade down his naked body. My husband was an extremely good-looking guy that all my friends wanted to fuck. Knowing he was mine made my pussy drip. And the idea of sharing him with Brittany almost made me cum on the spot. Ben had a great body and a long, powerful cock to go along with it. I felt a flutter of excitement between my legs at the thought of him stretching me wide open with his glorious dick.

“Brittany?!” he asked with a mix of confusion and excitement after I shared the news. “Like, hot Brittany from next door is coming here on Sunday?”

I just nodded, imagining all of the naughty and wild thoughts running through his mind. They were probably the same as mine.

His eyes grew wide, and his cock followed suit. I felt myself getting wet at the sight of it. I bit my lower lip as my nipples perked up beneath my T-shirt. Thoughts of Ben going down on Brittany while I sucked Diego’s cock just a few feet away raced through my mind. Driven by desire, I slipped out of my underwear and oversized T-shirt, joining my husband in the shower. He made me cum three times that night. Which I hoped was just a preview for the weekend ahead.


Sunday couldn’t come soon enough. It was 5:00, and kick-off was at 6:15, but I’d been dressed and ready since 3:00. I’d already taken a shot of tequila and changed my panties twice before removing them completely. The thought of getting it on with Brittany and Diego had me going crazy inside. Ben was busy in the kitchen making his famous Sangria which was strong enough to knock anyone on their ass. I’d have to pace myself. I didn’t want to be so drunk that I couldn’t enjoy the feeling of Diego’s hands on my body and the taste of Brittany’s pussy on my tongue.

I gave my outfit one last look before heading downstairs – an oversized Kansas City jersey tied up to show off my stomach and my loose Daisy Duke shorts were the perfect combo. I turned, bending over slightly in the mirror. Yep. They still showed off my ass cheeks and a little side lip every time I bent over. They were also easy to push aside and get finger fucked in. My tall black boots ended right below my knee. I looked exactly how I felt – ready to fuck. 

Ben was standing at the counter stirring the Sangria when I entered the kitchen. He didn’t hear me right away, so I took a moment to admire him from afar. He was wearing his own loose-fitted jeans and Kansas City jersey. Casual but sexy. His biceps and chest filled out the red and yellow jersey perfectly. The gold chain I bought him for his birthday hung loosely around his neck, nestled in his curly black chest hair. Man, I should’ve fucked Ben this morning before we crawled out of bed, but I didn’t want to drain his cum before the party. I wanted Brittany to have it all. 

Ben turned around, feeling my eyes burning into him. His eyebrows raised, and he whistled quietly under his breath. I walked up beside him, pressing my chest against his arm. He pressed against me, shoving his hand between my silky thighs and gently brushing my pussy lips. I was already dripping. 

He gasped. “Wet already?” he asked sarcastically. I smiled as he slowly and briefly entered me with two fingers, pressing hard against my clit as he exited. He brought his fingers to his mouth, slowly sucking my juices off. I opened my mouth, wanting a taste. Ben obliged, letting me slowly lick my own cream from his fingers. As I began sucking with more urgency, the doorbell rang. 

I shook uncontrollably. I couldn’t wait to be a part of hotwife Brittany’s first gangbang experience. I ran toward the door, trying not to seem too eager. I took one last breath before opening the door, and good thing I did. I wasn’t totally prepared for what I saw. Brittany looked even hotter up close. She and Diego were both decked out in their 49ers gear, drinks in hand. I knew instantly they were ready for a good time. 

Brittany’s hair was in a messy bun, with strands of blonde hair hanging down and framing her gorgeous face. She wore a tight 49ers jersey and white shorts. If I looked close enough, I could see the outline of her pussy lips through the elastic fabric. I pulled my eyes away. I didn’t want to get caught staring at her crotch. The huge smile on her face and the fire in her eyes let me know that she was ready to fuck, too. I could tell.

“Hi!” She exclaimed warmly, leaning in for a hug. I let Brittany embrace me, our breasts pressing against one another. She smelled sweet, like honey, and her body felt warm against mine. Was it just me, or was that more than just a friendly hug? I swear her hand caressed my lower back as she slowly pulled away, her eyes holding mine for a few seconds too long to be casual. 

I turned my attention to Diego, not wanting to be rude. He was wearing a 49ers hat, buttoned-down silk shirt, shorts, and suede loafers. Common decency was the only thing stopping me from jumping on him right there in the doorway. Instead, I offered him a hug, too. And just like Brittany, the way Diego’s hands slipped around my waist and he pulled my body tight against his, I knew he wanted to fuck me. 

I pulled away, feeling myself growing more excited and eager with every second. I wanted to share this moment with Ben.

“Come in, please.” Brittany and Diego entered the house, offering polite compliments about the decor. I led them into the kitchen, where Ben was still preparing drinks and appetizers. My heart was pounding, and my pussy was hungry. The tequila from earlier was coursing through my veins, and I felt dangerously uninhibited. 

Ben turned to greet us as the kitchen door swung open. 

“Hey, guys!”. Ben and Diego shook hands firmly before pulling one another in for a bro hug. They made small talk about the game – Ben shit-talking the 49ers.

“There’s no way they’re gonna take out Mahomes. It’s just not gonna happen.”

Diego laughed. “Alright, we’ll see.” They were already getting along well. It was gonna be a good night. I could feel it. After some ball-busting, Ben turned his attention toward Brittany. 

“Hey, you,” he said flirtatiously before bringing her in for a hug. 

There was no denying the sexual tension. I saw Brittany bite her lower lip momentarily as she pressed her tits against Ben’s chest. Anyone else might have missed it, but I saw the way she positioned her crotch against his, brushing her pussy against his cock as they embraced. I couldn’t wait to watch Ben fuck her. 

Ben poured us each a glass of Sangria and Brittany and I clinked our glasses together. 

“Cheers,” I said with a smile, watching the deep red liquid slide past her lips and down her throat. Lucky Sangria, I thought.

“Oh shit,” Ben said abruptly, interrupting my thoughts. “The game is about to start.” 

Brittany and I grabbed our drinks, and the guys each grabbed a beer from the fridge before moving our party into the living room. I loved our house. It was equal parts sleek, sexy, and welcoming. Brittany clearly felt right at home as she sat on the small loveseat near the TV. The guys each took claim to a reclining chair, and with no other options, I gladly squeezed in tightly next to Brittany. She giggled and clinked her glass with mine again. I could tell she was already buzzed and wondered how hard she had pregamed. 

We watched the coin toss and kick-off as the guys made bets on who was gonna win and by how many points. I could honestly care less. The only scoring I was concerned with was my own.

As the first half came to a close, I noticed Brittany’s drink was getting low.

“Refill?” I asked playfully, raising my own half-empty glass.

“Oh, yes, please!” Brittany’s cheeks were flushed, and I knew she was completely relaxed.

“Guys, you need more beer?” Both men raised their bottles, indicating they did. 

Brittany and I got up from the couch heading into the kitchen together, shouts and cheers coming from both the TV and our husbands as the game continued.

“Your house is beautiful!” Brittany exclaimed as we refilled our wine glasses at the counter.

“Thank you,” I said, watching as Brittany walked around the kitchen, running her hands over the granite countertops and admiring my kitchen gadgets. What I really wanted was for her to run her hands over my body and admire the taste of my pussy.

“So,” she said abruptly, stopping near the sink and leaning seductively against the counter. “I have a secret to tell you.” 

My heart caught in my chest. Had she caught me watching her from the window? Did she know I secretly wanted to fuck the shit out of her husband?

“Do tell,” I said, trying to sound relaxed as I moved closer to her.

“I was pleasantly surprised when you called,” she said, taking a sip of her drink. “I actually heard something about you that I found to be quite interesting.”

My heart stopped. Oh god.

“A little birdie told me that you and Ben are swingers.”

I was breathless. Nervous. Unsure of what to say.

“Um..” I tried to formulate a sentence, but no words would come out.

Brittany must’ve sensed my alarm because she moved toward me swiftly, grabbing me by the elbows and pulling me close to her chest.

“Victoria, it’s fine.” She brushed my hair behind my ear with a single finger, tracing the lines of my jaw and neck. “That’s the reason we said yes.” 

My angst quickly washed away, replaced by pure desire. Without a second thought, I pressed toward her, pushing her back against the counter and slamming my mouth on hers. Her lips were softer than I imagined. She tasted sweet. She kissed me back with the same sense of urgency, her hands finding the small curve of my ass cheeks as they poured from my shorts.

I gasped into her mouth, grabbing her full breasts through her jersey, pulling and tugging on the mesh fabric. She threw her head back as I licked down her neck, delivering soft kisses along her collarbone. She whimpered, gripping the counter and surrendering herself to me. I continued to kiss down her neck, my hands pulling her hips toward me as we ground against one another.

I needed to taste her so bad. I fell to my knees, my face perfectly aligned with her beautiful mound. I ran my fingers up and down the lines of her white shorts, which were already soaked. I yanked them down over her hips, and they hit the floor. No fucking panties. I couldn’t believe it or stop myself. I hungrily took her in my mouth. She was drenched in a pool of hot, thick wetness. She was wearing no panties, which only made me more excited. 

I explored her slippery folds and swollen clit as she gasped and squirmed against the counter. 

“What about the guys?” she said breathlessly. “They might come back in.” She was whimpering and moaning, her tits heaving up and down as I continued my assault. 

The thought of Ben and Diego walking in and finding us like this only excited me more. I ate her pussy with purpose and a hunger I’d never felt before. Shoving my tongue deep into her pussy hole, it tasted sweet, and I couldn’t get enough. With each thrust of my tongue, I pulled in more of her creamy juices. 

I continued to suck on her swollen clit as I rhythmically finger fucked her. I could feel the soft walls of her pussy contracting and knew she was close to climax. She spread her knees an inch wider, placing her legs on my shoulders and grinding against my face and fingers as I pushed in my fourth finger. 

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed, “I’m going to fucking cum. You’re gonna make me cum.”

I sped up my movements, tonguing her clit and hand-banging her hard and fast. Her legs began to shake as her juices filled my mouth and slid down my throat, coating it. Brittany’s thick cream tasted so amazing I couldn’t drink it fast enough. But I couldn’t let her orgasm yet. She was so close, but she needed to wait. It was too soon. I swiftly pulled my fingers from her and stood up, kissing her deep and hard so she could taste her own sweetness on my tongue and lips. 

I pulled my cum-covered hand from her mouth, rubbing it all over my own pussy. The mix of our thick cum was hot and slick between my fingers. I rolled my clit using small circles, my body pressed hard against hers. My knee spreading her legs apart and shoving up into her wetness. 

Just then, I heard the kitchen door swing open and Ben’s voice behind me.

“How are those beers coming along, babe?”

The last word fell off as he and Diego entered the kitchen behind Ben. 

“What the fuck?” I heard Diego’s voice next. I couldn’t tell if he was aroused or alarmed.

Brittany and I pulled apart, and I turned to face the men. The look of shock on their faces was mildly entertaining. I could only imagine how Diego felt walking in to find his wife half naked, licking my cum-covered fingers. But their uncertainty quickly transformed into arousal as we called them over to where we were standing. The men looked at each other before slowly making their way in our direction. I grabbed Ben, pulling him in for an aggressive kiss. He resisted momentarily but then matched my energy, shoving his tongue in my mouth with urgency. I gripped the back of his neck, digging my nails into the soft flesh. 

I could sense that Brittany and Diego were kissing just as feverishly, his hands riding up her shirt and grabbing her tits. She lifted one leg and wrapped it around him. I wondered what he tasted and felt like and couldn’t wait to find out.

“Take out your cock”, I demanded to Ben. He obeyed, and I watched Brittany’s eyes light up at the sight of my husband’s perfect penis. I dropped to my knees, easily taking his entire length in my mouth the way I’d done so many times before. I loved an audience, and my pussy throbbed, knowing Brittany and Diego were watching us. I looked up at Diego. “You too”, I instructed. 

Brittany helped her husband undo his shorts and release his own enormous dick. I sucked Ben harder, mimicking what I’d do to Diego’s cock once I got my hands and mouth on it. Brittany joined me on the floor, taking her own husband’s dick into her hands, stroking it rhythmically as she sucked and licked the head. Ben was watching, too. I felt drops of his precum slide down my throat as I gripped his balls aggressively, tugging them the way he liked. He moaned and sucked the air between his teeth as I expertly worked his cock. 

I knew it was time. As I pulled Ben from my mouth, I turned to Brittany and then looked up at Diego.

“You guys aren’t the jealous type, are you?”

They briefly looked at each other before smiling and shaking their heads, just as I had suspected they would.

Without another word, I stood up, moving Brittany toward Ben, encouraging her to take my place. She didn’t hesitate. Still on her knees, she spit in her hand and stroked Ben’s cock, sucking his precum from the tip. I returned to my knees in front of Diego, salivating as I gripped his gorgeous cock at the base and slowly licked the tip, tasting his saltiness. He watched intently, our eyes locked as I took his entire length, inch by inch. My eyes trailed toward Brittany momentarily, and I caught a glimpse of her eagerly feasting on Ben’s cock. His eyes were closed, and his face tipped toward the sky in complete ecstasy. 

Diego grabbed my shoulders as I was choking on his cock, lifting me up to a standing position before plopping me down on the counter. He forced my legs apart, easily moving my loose shorts aside and finding my soaking wet pussy waiting for him. His fingers slid over my clit and entered me as my head pressed against the cabinets behind me. He expertly explored my pussy, flicking my clit with his thumb and finger fucking me with a rhythm that, if he continued, would no doubt make me squirt.

I felt Ben’s eyes on me and looked his way as Brittany continued to work his dick. Just then, his face changed, and he pulled himself free. 

“Let’s get these girls squirting,” he stated without breaking eye contact with me. “I need more room to work.”

I bit my lower lip, eager to get Diego on the couch. I wanted to fuck him right. Diego grabbed me off the counter, and I wrapped my legs tightly around his muscular waist. Ben pulled Brittany off her knees, tossing her over his shoulder and giving her fat ass a firm smack. She giggled as the men took control and brought us into the living room tossing us on to the couches.

Diego held me tight, my legs still gripping his waist as I removed my shirt, and he unclipped my bra. My tits bounced free against his chest. He grabbed one at a time, sucking and nibbling my nipples. He moved closer to the couch, letting me stand up momentarily before turning me around and bending me over. I felt his cock on my ass instantly. He slid the tip up and down my slippery pussy folds, teasing me mercifully. 

Without another word, he slid his glorious dick effortlessly into me, stretching out my waiting hole. I gasped, my back arching as Diego slowly thrust back and forth, fucking me with long deep strokes that tickled my G-spot. My pussy lips swelled wider with every stroke. 

Ben had brought Brittany over to the recliner, where she was now completely naked, fucking him with no restraint. His hands gripped her waist and tight ass, driving his cock up into her tight pussy hard and fast. The sounds of the half-time show filled the living room, along with Diego’s balls smacking against my ass and clit. If he kept fucking me that way, I knew I’d cum all over his cock. 

I could hear Brittany squealing and moaning from across the room. She was close, too.

“Wait, wait,” I said breathlessly, sliding Diego’s cock out of my juicy hole and turning around to face him. “Let’s have a drink.” While it seemed like an odd time to stop the fun, I wanted to make it last. Ben smirked in my direction, and Brittany giggled, collapsing onto Ben’s chest, catching her breath and likely hating me for stopping her orgasm. 

I jumped up, running over toward the bar, my tits bouncing freely and a mix of hot cum slowly sliding down my inner thighs. I quickly poured four shots of tequila and grabbed four slices of lime. 

“Come here!” I cried out excitedly, calling the guys and Brittany over to where I was standing naked near the bar. I sprinkled salt on Brittany’s collarbone, licking it off her soft skin eagerly before sucking all the juice from the lime and kissing her playfully. She quickly returned the favor, licking salt from my chest before sucking the lime deep and hard, making eye contact with Ben the entire time. The guys quickly downed their own shots, minus the salt and lime.

“Okay, enough of that,” Diego said, slamming the shot glass down on the bar. “Get over here.”

He grabbed me by the hand leading me back to the couch with Brittany and Ben trailing behind us. I resumed my position on all fours. I wasn’t done getting fucked doggy style by Diego’s long, expert cock. Brittany joined me, bending over on the couch as Ben positioned himself behind her. As Brittany and I enjoyed a long, deep kiss and I played with her hard nipples, the guys teased our pussies with their cocks. I pressed backward, silently begging Diego to enter me. I gasped and instinctively bit Brittany’s lip as I felt his thick cock part my drenched lips once more. Brittany started to move back and forth, and I knew Ben was fucking her hard and fast, just the way I liked it. 

I heard a slap from behind and looked up to see Ben and Diego giving each other a high-five. They were getting off on fucking each other’s wives, and I couldn’t blame them. Watching Ben fuck Brittany from behind while I had the pleasure of kissing her and fondling her tits felt better than I imagined.

I reached over, finding Brittany’s swollen clit between her legs. She cried out, “Oh fuck” as I rubbed her hard nub, and she continued to push back and forth on my husband’s dick. Diego reached between my legs, finding my clit and matching my movements. I still wasn’t ready to cum. I pushed off of Diego and placed my hand on Ben’s thigh, forcing him out of Brittany. I wanted to taste her cum on him. 

I stood up, guiding Ben over to the recliner and sitting him down. I fell to my knees and slowly ran my tongue up and down the length of his shaft, licking Brittany’s sweet cream from his rock hard cock. Brittany had quickly taken my position in front of Diego. He entered her from behind, pulling her up toward him and wrapping his arms around her waist. She turned back toward him, kissing him deeply. He squeezed her breasts and fucked her with a familiarity that made me think this was a favorite position of theirs. 

Ben looked down at me and over at Diego and Brittany before instructing me to “Go finish him off.”

I stood up, obeying my husband’s commands and moving toward the couple on the couch. Brittany noticed me, grabbing my face and kissing me hard before letting her husband’s cock slowly slide out of her pussy. She moved out of the way, making room for Diego to sit down, his throbbing dick sticking straight toward the ceiling, just waiting for me to mount him. I grabbed his shoulders, and he guided my body down on top of his. His shaft slid inside me effortlessly, and I arched my back, my pussy welcoming every inch. 

Brittany made her way back over to Ben, resuming her position on his lap. We both straddled and fucked our partners wildly. Whistles and shouts from the TV only drove my desire, as if the fans were cheering on our fucking frenzy. Diego reached between my legs, circling my clit with his fingertips and bringing me to the edge. I rode his shaft fast and hard, driving him an inch deeper with every thrust. He nibbled and sucked my nipples as I silently begged him to finish me off. 

I heard Brittany crying out from over my shoulder as she exploded in ecstasy. I couldn’t wait any longer. My legs shook violently as my pussy contractions started on his thick cock, a hot flow of cum erupted from between my legs, cascading over Diego’s shaft and slowly sliding down my fat ass. I came hard and fast, screaming with abandon. At the same moment, I heard a familiar groan coming from Ben. He was cumming, too, filling Brittany’s beautiful pussy with his load. 

Brittany cried out, “Cum in my pussy,” as she rode my husband’s dick harder, rousing her own orgasm from deep inside her belly. Ben’s legs flexed and teeth clenched as he orgasmed long and hard. His cum filled her pussy, leaking out with every thrust, cascading down Brittany’s silky smooth thighs. 

As I slowly relaxed from my own climax, Diego quickly pulled his cock free, jerking off feverishly. 

“Fuck yeah, baby,” I encouraged him. “Cum baby, shoot that big load on me.”

I leaned back, supporting myself on his knees as his cock exploded in a flurry of hot, thick white jizz. It shot from the tip of his dick. The first 2 shots covered my tits and belly before he pushed his cock back inside me, pumping the rest of his load inside my soaked pussy. I squeezed my internal muscles around his dick, draining every last drop of his cum before releasing him. 

I collapsed onto his chest in exhaustion as we both struggled to catch our breath.

“Holy fuck.” I heard Ben exclaim. “We missed the end of the game.”

He was laughing, and when I saw the clock on the wall read 10:30, I realized he was right. We had fucked our way through the entire Super Bowl. I had no idea who won, if we’d won any money on our pool, or who got the MVP award. And, honestly, I could’ve cared less. I had gotten exactly what I wanted, and something told me this was just the beginning of our sexcapades with Brittany and Diego.