Lindsay & Luke Hotwife’s Club

I was wearing my favorite skin-tight black dress. The one that hugs my curves in all the right places. My ass looked edible and my tits were all but pouring from the top of the deep neckline. Luke had picked it out himself. It was my “come fuck me” dress. It was the dress that caught his eye that first night we met and the dress that helped me to bring home so many men in the past.

Tonight was a little different. Luke would drop me off at the door of the club and I had around an hour to find a sexy stud. More importantly, of course, a stud to fuck and leave his hot load inside me for Luke to enjoy later.

We stopped in front of the side door of my favorite spot, well, many ladies favorite spot. This particular club was located right on the border of suburbia. If you were a suburban housewife and were into, or wanting to try hotwifing, this was the spot. It always had the hottest, horniest men all looking to fuck, no names, no numbers, and sometimes, no words. Luke put the SUV in park and looked at me with those hungry, ravenous eyes. He’d been waiting for this night for a while now, the night where he sends his hotwife out on the prowl to bring him back a hot, wet, treat.

He grabbed my face aggressively in his hands, pulling my mouth close to his. His long, strong tongue slowly outlined my lips as he whispered, “Go find a nice thick cock and make it cum” as he kissed my mouth hard and forcefully before releasing my face from his grasp.

I bit my lip eagerly, already feeling the warm wetness start to soak through my panties. I wasn’t sure what had me more excited – knowing in less than an hour I’d have a hard cock inside me or the thought of Luke tasting another man on my pussy after we got home. 

I wiggled excitedly in my seat, grabbed my small purse, and exited the SUV, slightly bending over to show Luke a glimpse of my glistening pussy lips and no panties. I slammed the door and leaned in the open window.

“See you soon, stud,” I said with a wink and left Luke to pull off into the darkness as I entered the darkness of the club.

It was crowded and loud, as always. It took my eyes a few minutes to adjust to the strobe lights. I scanned the bar and lounge area, as usual. I was unphased as several sets of eyes fell on my body and legs as I slowly made my way across the room. I was used to being noticed. To being eye-fucked and undressed from every angle. It gave me an adrenaline high like no other. 

Jorge was behind the bar, as always. He greeted me with a warm smile. We hooked up a few times in the past but now he had a monogamous girlfriend so our relationship was strictly platonic. In fact, it looks like tonight, Jorge has quickly become my favorite wingman. Before I approached him, he quickly scanned the club for me and gathered the most eligible candidates.

“Gorgeous,” he said as I hopped up on the barstool, he slid my drink across the bar.  It was his standard greeting and I responded with my own.

“Hey there, handsome. Whatcha got for me tonight?”

Jorge tipped his head toward the corner of the bar and passed the crowd to the sofa in the lounge area. “I’d fucked on that couch”, I said to my self, under the cover of darkness that the club provided. Secretly hoping that onlookers would catch a glimpse as the strobe lights pumped with the music and my stud pushing his cock inside me to the muffled sounds of my moans and whimpers.

I followed Jorge’s gaze. There, sitting on the red velvet couch was a striking-looking man. Dark skin, electrifying eyes, and oversized hands. I watched as he twirled the red straw of his drink between his long fingers, flicking the tip. I imagined him working my clit with the same care and attention. The muscles in my pussy contracting at the thought of this powerful stranger sliding between my legs. 

He must’ve felt my gaze because he looked up, his intense eyes locking on mine. My breath caught in my throat and I felt the heat rise in my belly. I turned toward Jorge, breaking contact with the dark stranger.

“I already told him about the wife’s that frequent here,” I heard Jorge’s voice screaming over the heart-thumping music. “He’s perfect for you.”

The idea that this man knew I wanted to fuck him right then and there was both exhilarating and embarrassing. However, the embarrassment quickly faded. I downed my drink for some added courage before turning my back on Jorge and heading toward the dark mysterious man waiting for me in the corner. 

I sat down beside him, my thigh brushing his, and raised my hand.

“Lindsay”, I mouthed slowly.

He stared at my hand and then back up at me before extending his own.

“Ronnie”, he said with a sly smile that exposed his perfectly straight, white teeth.

I bit my own lip to stop myself from leaning over and biting the full lips of his inviting mouth.

And just on cue, the lights in the club dimmed a bit darker, concealing Ronnie and me in a distinct shadow. I knew I had to act fast. I was running out of time. My hand slid smoothly up the inside of his pants, finding his bulge. I gasped slightly. His cock was thick, long, and solid. My pussy clenched in anticipation. I could already picture his cream dripping down my inner thighs. My breathing increased and I nestled my body against him as my hand continued to explore the length of his cock. I pressed my breasts against his arm and he let out a guttural moan.

His hand was instantly between my thighs, then shoved underneath my dress, ticking and rubbing my pussy lips. He quickly found my honey spot, first one then two fingers slipping inside me with ease. My body raised up higher and into his chest, gripping his shoulder as he finger fucked me.

His mouth was on my neck now, his tongue tracing the lines of my collarbone as I increased speed, eagerly rubbing and stroking his dick. His fingers felt amazing inside my hot, wet pussy but it was his thick cock I craved.

Without hesitation, I aggressively threw my other leg over his lap, straddling him. I reached between my legs, undoing his pants and pulling his dick into my palm. It was warm and sticky with precum. 

I didn’t ask. I swiftly guided his huge cock between my swollen wet lips. I gripped his shoulders and he gripped my ass as my pussy swallowed the rest of the huge cock, one inch at a time. I felt his balls press against my ass as he buried himself to the base. He moved slowly at first but as the DJ switched the music to a fast-paced dance mix, our bodies sped up in unison. Ronnie pushed his pelvis up and so I started riding him hard and deep, my pussy throbbing as my heart pounded in my chest. I gripped the back of his neck, my knees pressing into the velvet couch as I rode him with wild abandon.

With every hump, sliding myself back and forth brought me closer to the edge. As I felt the tension build in my belly and between my legs I had to look down to watch what was happening to my pussy between the flashes of strobe lights, I caught glimpses of his cum-covered cock sliding in and out of my lips, I loved it… I gripped him harder and pushed myself back down deep onto the huge dick. I let out a cry, muffled by the loud music. I didn’t care if anyone heard me. 

My legs began to shake. My knees gripped his body, pulling him in deeper.

“Cum in me,” I said, “Cum in my pussy” looking him deep in his eyes as my own body released a rush of hot cum.  My pussy muscles squeezing his cock from the inside. Here it comes, what every hotwife wants. I felt the sudden rush of cum pump into me as I watched Ronnie’s face twist with ecstasy. I continued to ride him until I felt his body go limp inside me. 

We both took a few seconds to catch our breath but I only had a minute to spare. I affectionately kissed him on the cheek and whispered, “Thank you” in his ear before sliding myself off his lap. I clamped my legs together as tight as could be, trying not to let a single drop of cum exit my body. I gave Jorge a tiny wave over my shoulder as I made my way toward the exit. 

I knew Luke would be waiting for me in the same spot as always, right out front and ready. He unlocked the door just as I reached it and I jumped in the back seat. I couldn’t wait to get inside and share my gift with him. We quickly pulled around the corner to the furthest parking spot from the club, under the overhanging oak tree. I could feel the hot load slowly seeping out of me. His cum started sliding down my inner thigh, I cupped my pussy to try keep the creampie from escaping. It’s what Luke had been waiting for. It was the whole reason I was here. 

“So, what did you bring me?” His eyes were filled with desire as he looked back gripping the steering wheel, his knuckles nearly white. 

I smiled back at him. “I did good, daddy.”

His face was filled with excitement and desire as I continued.

“A big, black cock. It was thick and made me come so hard. He left so much cum inside me. Do you wanna see?”

I didn’t wait for his answer as I slowly wiggled in the seat, lifting my dress and spreading my legs. Even in the darkness, you could see the slick streaks of cum running down my inner thighs and coating the delicate folds of my pussy. His eyes immediately shot between my legs and lit up with eagerness and excitement. I spread them even further, my back leaned against the door with one leg resting on the back seat, my other leg hanging off the edge of the seat with my dress bunching up around my waist.

“Fuck, what are you doing to me?” His voice was animalistic. “I can’t wait until we get home. I need to taste it now.”

He climbed over the center console, into the back positioning himself with a perfect view of my cum covered pussy. His fat cock was already out, twitching and pulsating as precum streamed down the tip. I reached out, collecting his sticky cream with my fingertips before licking them clean. 

He stared at my pussy with intense concentration and desire. “Push it out,” he demanded.

His words were like an aphrodisiac. I ripped the top of my dress down, releasing my eager tits and erect nipples. I twisted them hard between my fingers, Luke’s precum acting as the perfect lube. I squeezed my pelvic muscles tight before releasing them, feeling the creampie leak from my body and slide down my lips before resting at the base of my ass.

“Again”, he commanded as he vigorously stroked his cock, his eyes locked on my slick wet pussy.

I obeyed, tightening and releasing my muscles several more times as I felt Ronnie’s hot creamy load continue to pour out.

“Don’t let it go to waste,” he said, shoving his face down between my legs.

I gripped my knees and pulled them back, letting the feeling of Luke’s mouth on my soaking wet pussy take me over. I listened intently to every lick and slurp as he feasted on my juices and Ronnie’s hot cum.

“How does it taste, baby?” I love it when he describes it to me.

“So fucking good,” Luke broke contact with my cunt briefly before burying his face into me again. 

I gripped the back of his head harder, Luke slipped his hands beneath my ass cheeks, raising my body up and plunging his tongue deeper into my pussy. I ground against him, wildly fucking his mouth and tongue.

“I’m gonna cum in your mouth,” I warned him. 

Luke immediately pulled himself up, sliding his pants off and positioning himself to fuck me. He gripped my legs, spreading them as wide as they would go. His cock was throbbing now, the veins twitching in anticipation.

“Put it in me,” I begged. “Fuck me. Fuck my dirty pussy.”

And with that, Luke thrust his thick cock into my gaping hole filling up every inch and crevice of my pussy. The perfect fit.

“Harder,” I said. “Fuck me harder.”

Luke picked up the pace, grunting and gripping my legs as he fucked me deep, his balls slapping against my ass. I could feel the mix of our juices and cum slick between our legs. 

“I’m gonna cum inside your pussy, too,” he grunted. “Daddy loves cummed in pussy.”

The thought of Luke fucking me just moments after another man was inside me was enough to send me over the edge for a second time.

“Don’t stop!” I cried out, gripping the door with one hand and Luke’s arm with the other. “Fuck my slutty pussy.”

Luke pounded his cock deeper inside me, gripping my waist tightly and thrusting my body back and forth on his rock hard dick. He was close too. I could tell by the way his forearm twitched and trembled beneath my hand. I gripped him tighter from the inside, wanting to be filled for the second time that night. 

And with one final thrust, Luke’s cock exploded inside me, his hot warm cum pumping into my pussy and leaking onto the seat. My moans and cries of pleasure matched his as my pussy pulsated and body shook uncontrollably. He gripped my legs as we braced our bodies against one another, finally coming to rest a few moments later. 

Luke continued to rock back and forth, toying with me from the inside. I was breathless following the fucking and frenzied orgasms. I closed my eyes, and a content smile spread across my face. Luke’s movements slowed until he finally slipped out of me, his cock resting against the cum-covered seats.

Just as I was catching my breath, I felt Luke shift between my legs a second time as he lowered himself looking between my knees.

“What are you doing?” 

He looked up at me with that devilish grin of his, as the cum glistened on the pussy from the outside light

“I love hotwife creampies,” he said, directing his gaze to my throbbing, soaking-wet pussy. I leaned back and relaxed, this is when I remembered, pussy stretching play time with all the cum lube.  Before I knew it I was on my way to my 3rd orgasm.