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A Super Bowl Party You’ll Never Forget – In It To Win It

I watched quietly from the corner of the room while all the men gathered around the coffee table, checking the boxes and scores on the Super Bowl pool. Would they be so eager about winning a few dollars if they knew what the night really had in store? 

The ladies and I had devised the plan a few weeks back when Victoria’s husband Ben decided to throw a Super Bowl party. We were all in agreement that the last thing we wanted to do was spend an entire night listening to our husbands scream at the TV. Instead, we’d give them something much more exciting to scream about. 

As they combed over the score sheet, Victoria and I shared a mischievous look across the room. She looked stunning in a tight red dress and nude heels. I knew my husband Chris secretly wanted to fuck her and maybe tonight, he’d get to. I had my eye on Andrew, Pam’s husband. I’d lost count of how many times I’d pictured his head between my legs. 

It was only a matter of time before we’d all find out who our partners for the evening would be. It all depended on the halftime score and so we waited, with bated breath, for the whistle to blow. 

Chris jumped up from the couch shouting, “Fuck yeah, baby! That’s $100!”

He’d won the halftime pool, which meant he’d be paired with Leslie. I glanced over at the fiery redhead in the corner and watched as she unbuttoned the top of her blouse and pushed her eager breasts together. Chris was a great fuck. She wouldn’t be disappointed. My stomach tightened and my mouth began to water as I watched Andrew slam his beer down in frustration. He’d lost and that meant, I’d won. He was mine for the night. The other guys quietly discussed their scores and it was settled. 

The four of us ladies collectively nodded and advanced on the unsuspecting men. As the halftime show played in the background, I made my way toward Andrew who was still sitting on the floor, his back against the couch and brow furrowed over his recent loss. 

I squatted down in front of him, my tight black shorts riding up my thighs and my corset top barely containing my breasts. I leaned closer to him, resting my hand on his inner thigh. His head instantly shot up, our brown eyes locking. My lips were already parted as I gently nibbled my bottom lip. 

“Need a little cheering up?” I asked with a grin.

I saw a flash of confusion in his deep eyes quickly replaced by desire as he glanced around the room. Leslie was already straddling my husband on the loveseat, his hands halfway up her skirt. Victoria and Steven had disappeared somewhere and you could hear Pam giggling from the kitchen where she’d snuck up behind Ben. 

“What the fuck?” Andrew said as a mischievous smirk slowly danced across his lips.

“Oh, we’re gonna fuck alright.” I grabbed his hand, lifting him up off the floor, and pulling his chest into mine. I wasn’t wasting any time. After all, halftime was only 30 minutes. 

I grabbed the back of Andrew’s neck, pulling him in for a deep kiss. His hands instantly found my ass, gripping and squeezing the soft flesh that peeked out from beneath my shorts. The contact made me gasp into his mouth, my kiss intensifying. I braced myself as he lifted me up, wrapping my long, muscular legs around his waist. I instantly felt his erection against the thin fabric of my shorts. My legs gripped his body tighter as his hands worked their way up my back and into my hair, pulling and tugging. He yanked my head back, his mouth and tongue exploring the flesh of my neck and the tops of my tits. 

“Fuck me up against the wall.”

Andrew paused for a brief moment, possibly from the shock of my assertiveness but quickly recovered and did as I said, slamming me against the wall nearby. I let out another moan as I pulled down the straps of my shirt, releasing my eager breasts. His mouth instantly found my hard nipples, sucking and nibbling them with expert precision. I grabbed his head and ground my pussy against his body, silently begging him to enter me. 

Again, reading my body language, I felt him undo his jeans and release his hungry cock. Pam told me what a gorgeous dick he had and I couldn’t wait to experience it for myself. I reached between my legs, pulling my shorts aside, making room for his long, thick member. My fingers glided easily along my wet folds as I gripped the moist head of his tool and gently guided it into me. 

He thrust forward, burying his entire length inside my soft flesh in one fluid motion. My nails dug into his shoulders, gripping his shirt tightly as he fucked me with long, deep strokes. His face was buried in my chest, licking, sucking, and kissing every inch of my neck and tits. His hands gripped the tender flesh of my ass, pushing and pulling my wetness back and forth over his shaft as he consumed me. 

As the intensity began to build in my stomach, I glanced over Andrew’s shoulder. Chris was on his knees with Leslie’s legs propped on his shoulders and his face buried in her cunt. His mouth tended to her clit while he used a long, sleek vibrator inside her. I could also see Victoria bent over the kitchen counter, her hands tied behind her back with a bondage rope. 

The sights and sounds of the couples around us and the feeling of Andrew’s throbbing cock between my legs were enough to bring me to the apex of my orgasm. I pressed my back hard against the wall, locking my ankles around his waist and pulling him an inch deeper inside as I let out an animalistic cry of pleasure. My entire body shuddered and shook as my pussy gripped his cock, extracting his own orgasm from deep within. I relished in the feeling of his hot load filling my body before slowly seeping out between us.

I waited until I felt his body go limp before slowly releasing my legs, which were practically numb from being wrapped so tightly around him. Andrew gently helped me steady myself and watched intently as I replaced the straps of my shirt and readjusted my shorts which were now soaked with a mix of our thick cream. I glanced up at him, the sexual tension between us was still palpable. But before either of us could say a word, the halftime whistle blew. And at least for now, the show was over.