Taste It 2: The Foursome

I couldn’t get that night with Carly out of my head. The smell and taste of her pussy on my face. Danny’s mouth on her body and her tits in my hands. My pussy throbbed every time I thought about it. Now I wanted to get her husband in on the fun. I’d never had a foursome but before the other night I’d never had a threesome either, so why stop now?!

Carly was totally down to bring her husband into the mix. We talked about how we’d entice him. I brought up the question of rules. Was it okay for me to kiss her husband on the mouth? Could he fuck me or just lick me? I was down for anything and was happy to learn Carly was too. We both agreed that nothing was off limits. I finger banged myself at least a dozen times leading up to that night, masturbating to thoughts of taking two dicks at once, my husband fucking Carly in the ass and while she devoured my pussy.

The night had finally come (and I was ready to, too!). Carly and Josh were headed over for drinks and dinner. Or at least that’s what Josh thought. The only thing being eaten tonight was pussy, cock, and cum. I’d never met Josh, just seen pictures. He was muscular with dark hair and a strong jawline. The minute they arrived my eyes gravitated directly to his crotch. The same way they did anytime I laid eyes on a hot guy. I wanted to know what he had to offer and it was clear through his jeans that he had quite the package.

My eyes widened in excitement and Carly and I made brief eye contact. She winked at me, causing my pussy to tingle.

Carly looked declious. She wore a white tank-top and tight jean shorts. Her perfect ass cheeks peeked out from underneath the ripped fabric. I imagined my tongue tracing the lines of her smooth skin while Josh tongue fucked me from behind.

I offered each of them a drink before Carly and I plopped beside each other on the couch. We were already playfully touching one another’s arms, legs, and skin. Danny and Josh chatted quietly on the other side of the room. I wasn’t prepared to make small talk or beat around the bush — I wanted Carly’s pussy and I wanted it now. 

I leaned in and brushed her hair off her shoulders, grabbing her face and pulling her in for a long, deep kiss. Our tongues danced over one anothers. Her hands were on my tits, working my hard nipples through my thin shirt. I reached down, shoving my hand between her legs, feeling the heat radiating off her sweet pussy. 

Just then, Josh took notice of what was happening. He did a double take, smirking but still looking a little taken aback.

“What the fuck?” he said, breathing out an uneasy laugh. His entire body language changed. He turned toward us, his eyes fixated on our bodies. I ran my hand up and down Carly’s crotch while staring intensely at Josh. My pussy was dripping. I so wanted him to join in the fun.

I continued to stare in his direction as I slowly pulled down the top of Carly’s shirt and began slowly licking around her perky nipples with the tip of my tongue. Carly moaned, putting her head back and pushing her pussy up into my hand. 

Danny walked toward us and held my hair back. The crotch of his shorts was directly in my face and I could see his cock was hard. Josh followed, standing beside Carly. He grabbed her face firmly and dipped down, sucking on her tongue. I reached over and stroked Danny’s shaft through his shorts. I could see Josh was hard too and reached over, eager to feel his erection.

Carly smiled as she reached over fondling my tits. There were clearly too many clothes in the way so I quickly removed my shirt and shorts, exposing my red thong and toned ass. Carly pulled off all of her clothes. I got excited at the sight of her gorgeous pussy. I was pleased to see Josh didn’t hesitate to remove his pants and underwear, revealing a long, thick, hard cock. 

“Come here,” Danny’s voice broke the silence. He was reaching for Carly, standing her up and pulling her closer to him. Her tight little body fit perfectly in his muscular arms. His cock was standing straight up, resting on her belly. I slide into Carly’s spot, grabbing Josh’s cock and shoving it in my mouth. He tasted salty. He shoved his dick down my throat, grabbing my hair tightly. I cupped his swollen balls in my hand, squeezing and tugging them. He moaned loudly and began fucking my face. 

Danny had Carly bent over the arm of the couch and he was fucking her doggy style. I could hear his balls slapping against her ass. I reached down to pinch her nipples as her tits bounced back and forth from the force of Danny’s strokes. He pulled his cock from her hole and dropped to his knees, shoving his face in her fat ass. Carly’s mouth was wide open now and her back was arched, relishing in the sensation of Danny feasting on both her holes.

Josh grabbed my shoulders and pushed me onto the couch. I giggled, grabbing my breasts and spreading my legs for him. I grabbed my knees, pulling my legs up toward my shoulders. He grabbed hold of his thick shaft and guided the tip of his cock into my dripping pussy. It slid in easily. The thick, unfamiliar shaft felt amazing. I looked up at Danny. I wanted him to watch me get fucked by Carly’s husband. 

He was holding her up now by the ass, her long legs wrapped around his waist as he pounded her pussy hard and fast. She was gripped around his neck, holding herself steady, looking down at his dick as it slammed into her. Danny glanced over at me and we shared an intimate gaze. I was so turned on by the sight of him fucking another woman and him watching Josh’s cock stretch out my pussy. 

Just then Josh shoved my legs to the side grabbing my hips and fucking me from a different angle. His cock was long and strong and at this angle, it tickled my G-spot. Danny lowered Carly to her feet and she came over toward me, laying down and placing her pussy directly in front of my face. She was on her back with Danny’s dick in her mouth. Josh continued to pound me as I turned my attention to Carly’s delicious, dripping cunt. 

I plunged my tongue into her hole and rubbed her swollen clit with my fingers. I heard her gagging and choking on my husband’s dick. Her moans were muffled. Danny reached over her body, shoving my head into her pussy. I buried two fingers into her tight hole, finger banging her deep and hard just like her husband was fucking me. She gagged on Danny’s cock again, saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth. 

Danny pulled his dick from her mouth and came around the other side of the couch, pulling Carly’s body toward him, jamming his dick into her pussy again. Both of us were on our backs while the guys stood in front of us. My hands were all over Carly’s soft skin. I pinched her nipples and reached down to rub her clit. She scratched my belly and sucked my tongue. Josh knew how to fuck. I could almost feel the tip of his dick in my belly and knew I couldn’t hold off much longer. His thumb was pressed firmly against my clit and his other hand pressed my knee outward, spreading my legs wider with every pump.

“I’m gonna fucking cum,” I screamed, grabbing tits and pulling on my nipples. 

I stared up at Danny. I wanted to be looking at him when my pussy exploded all over Josh’s dick. Danny fucked Carly hard and fast. I knew he wanted us to cum together.

I reached over and grabbed Carly’s tit. 

“Cum for my husband,” I begged her. 

Simultaneously, Carly and I both cried out in pleasure. My pussy clamped down on Josh’s thick cock which was buried deep inside me. He grunted, squeezing my legs and smacking his balls against my asshole. Carly’s legs shook as Danny pounded her into submission. 

Both men pulled their dicks out and began jerking off. I sat up quickly, desperate to catch Josh’s cum in my mouth. I opened wide as a stream of hot thick cum spewed from the tip of his cock. I caught the gobs of jizz on my tongue and chin. Beside me, Danny was spraying his cum all over Carly’s belly and tits.

After the guys finished, we were all sweaty and breathing heavily, taking in what had just happened. Carly and I glanced at one another and kissed briefly, her licking some of her husband’s jizz from my chin. I closed my eyes and smiled, relishing in the smell of sex and cum that filled the air.