Taste It: My 1st Time

It was my own fault. I had bragged to Carly about how amazing Danny was at eating pussy. It was during a girl’s night at my house that involved Netflix, snacks, and plenty of wine. Carly openly admitted that her husband didn’t know his ass from his elbow when it came to going down on her.  

“He’s fucking clueless”, she said as she downed her third glass of wine. We were both laughing even though the situation was far from funny. “I just want someone who really knows how to eat my pussy, ya know? I want to be devoured.”

She sat up on the couch, pushing her chest out and grasping the air with her long, red fingernails. Carly had gorgeous tits and for a brief moment I wondered what they looked like. Then bit my lip, trying to ignore my instinct to reach out and touch them. 

What I couldn’t help was telling her how good it felt when Danny circled my clit with the tip of his tongue or finger banged me. My favorite was when he had two fingers deep in my pussy and the tip of his pink in my tight asshole while his lips and tongue worked my throbbing clit. He moaned between my legs the entire time and then happily drank in my thick, hot cum when my pussy exploded on his face.

I sat back and took a deep breath. I had gotten myself worked up and Carly had too. I could tell by the way she unintentionally licked her upper lip and the way she was shifting in her seat. I wondered if she was wet like me. 

I felt bad for Carly. She was my friend and I needed to help her. And that’s when the idea hit me. I’d let Danny show her what real oral pleasure was all about. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t fantasized about a threesome. I felt a warm rush over my body thinking about Danny’s head buried in another woman’s pussy as her face twisted in surprise and pleasure. Why not let him satisfy one of my best friends?

I told Carly to come over the following weekend. The kids had a sleepover at their grandparents so we would have the entire house to ourselves. My nipples were hard and my pussy was wet in anticipation of her arrival. Danny was completely mellow, as usual. He sat casually on the couch. Carly wore a tight-fitting red dress and matching lipstick. She looked delicious. I offered her a glass of wine and the three of us had a cheers.

She already looked flustered. I watched as her tits rose and fell with each breath. She nervously bit her lip and I mirrored her, feeling my excitement build. 

It was Dennis who mentioned it first.

“So Carly, my wife tells me that your husband doesn’t like eating pussy?”

Carly’s eyes grew wide and she half-smiled, tucking her long blonde hair behind her ear. 

“Well… yeah, no. He sucks at it.” She laughed and gulped her last drop of wine. I watched the liquid trail down her throat and imagined her swallowing Danny’s thick cum.

My husband laughed under his breath.

“Well, that’s no way for a real woman to be treated,” he said with a smirk. He glanced in my direction and I grinned excitedly.  

“Let us show you what we mean,” Danny said in a playful voice, putting out his hand. 

She looked at me and I stood up, grabbing her other hand.

Together, we led her upstairs to our bedroom and closed the door. Sexual tension filled the air. I wanted to rip her tight dress down and suck on her gorgeous nipples. Before I could, Danny led her to the edge of the bed. She plopped down and reached down to take off her heels. 

“Not so fast,” Danny said. “Leave them on.”

I was so turned on by his calm and controlled tone. A rush of excitement filled my stomach because I knew what was about to happen. Danny was about to destroy her pussy and I couldn’t wait to see it, hear it, and now I started thinking, maybe I’ll have a lick myself.

Danny knelt between her legs and pushed her knees aside.

“Wait”, she protested half-heartedly. I could tell she wanted it. She was objecting for my benefit. Silly girl. I wanted this as much as she did — as much as Danny did.

Danny tilted Carly back onto her tailbone. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Slut, I thought as another rush of excitement radiated from my clit to my nipples. Danny pushed her knees open even wider exposing her silky pussy lips before shoving his head between her tight thighs, dipping his tongue into her wet hole.

I crawled up toward her head, moving her hair back.

“Shh,” I whispered into her ear, slowly running my tongue around the edges before sucking her delicate earlobe into my mouth. She gasped, arching her back and shoving her round tits into the air. I reached down and pushed her dress below her perfect mounds. Her soft skin sprung free and I cupped her tits in my hands, working her nipples between my fingertips. 

Danny propped her legs on his shoulders as his mouth and fingers explored her drenched pussy. I could hear my husband slurping and sucking on the wet folds of her pussy and reached down, gently fondling my own through my thin cotton panties. Danny held her long legs straight out, displaying her gorgeous cunt. I leaned over, sucking on her perky nipples, listening to her moans of pleasure mixed with my husband’s. I plunged my fingers into my pussy, which was soaked. 

Danny rocked her body back and forth, running his tongue from her tight asshole up to her throbbing clit and back down again. She gasped and whimpered. I moved up from her tits and kissed her slowly and deeply. She tasted sweet, like wine. I wondered if her pussy tasted the same.

As if reading my mind, Danny briefly pulled his face from between her legs and looked up at me. He had her thick, clear juice spread across his face and chin. I bit my lip, wanting desperately to lick his face clean.

Danny reached out, pulling me down to join him on the floor. I glanced over and was instantly mesmerized by the sight of Carly’s wet, throbbing cunt. I’d never been so close to a naked, wet pussy before. Danny dove back in, hungrily feasting on her wetness. Carly pushed down hard, fucking and riding his face and tongue. 

I slowly started sliding my fingers into her pussy hole, feeling her warm, thick creamy cum. Her pussy felt soft and welcoming. She had no idea it was my fingers inside her, which excited me even more. She was so focused on how good my husband was eating her that she didn’t even realize I had joined in on the fun. I added a 3 finger, shoving them deep inside her, completely filling up her tight hole. 

She gripped the bedspread tightly, moaning in pleasure. Danny moved aside and looked at me encouragingly as he whispered.

“Taste it.”

I thought he’d never ask.

Without hesitation, I moved into Danny’s spot, my tongue replacing his. She looked down, feeling the switch.

She smiled wildly, throwing her head back and saying my name with a mix of excitement and pleasure. I shoved my fingers an inch deeper, finger banging her hard and fast as I sucked and licked her clit. Danny was next to me, stroking his cock. I reached down with my free hand, feeling his precum and spreading it across the head of his cock. He shoved my head harder into her crotch.

“Yeah, baby,” he said, “Eat that pussy.”

I obeyed, sucking on her clit aggressively, finger fucking her and pulling them out every other second to lick and drink her cum from her hole. 

I felt her legs shake and the walls of her pussy start twitching and pulsating around my fingers. 

“I’m gonna fucking cum!” Her knees slammed against my head, I put my last finger in and pushed deep, I could feel her pussy pulsate, clamping around my hand. I positioned my mouth perfectly, instantly it filled with a hot rush of pussy juice. I lapped it up quickly, not wanting to waste a single drop. At the same time, my husband’s hands gripped my hair tightly and I watched him jizz all over Carly’s exposed tits. I didn’t remove my fingers or mouth from her pussy until I felt her body relax and she lowered her heels to the floor.

Carly let out a satisfied, exhausted laugh. Danny sunk back on his heels, thick cum in his palm with a trail to Carly’s tits. I sat back, catching my breath, licking remnants of Carly from my chin and lips. She glanced down at me from between her legs.

I smiled up at her and said, “Next time, bring your husband.”

April Sutphen