The Special Guest

The Bar

I was on my lunch break at the local pub when I saw him. I couldn’t believe it. He was dark, tall, and looked exactly like that actor I had given my wife the hall pass for. As I sat there twirling the ice in my drink with my straw, I watched him make small talk with someone at the bar. He had broad shoulders and huge hands. I knew what that meant. I had to look away after a while, I didn’t want my coworkers thinking I was checking him out for myself. This was all about her. It was always about her.

My wife and I had been together for several years and during that time I’d learned a lot about her. One thing I knew for certain was that she fantasized about being with well-hung, larger men. I mean, can you blame her? Who doesn’t love a strong, dominant, muscular guy with a huge cock? Cuckold porn was always our favorite. There’s something so hot about interracial videos where a BBC creampies a petite white girl. I felt myself getting excited just thinking about it. The thought of my wife having multiple orgasms and making this stallion cum was too intense to ignore.

Was I really gonna do this? I had to. This guy was perfect. I looked over at him once more and in that moment realized that yes, this was the guy I wanted to see fuck my wife. I downed my drink and with a little liquid courage, approached him. I gripped my phone tightly in my hand, the screensaver of my hot wife clearly visible. He shook my hand firmly. He was tall with a muscular chest and perfect smile. I explained that I’d never done this before but that my wife was looking to get pounded by a guy just like him. 

“You look exactly like the actor that I gave her a hall pass for,” I told him a little nervously.

He listened and nodded, sipping his drink and looking interested. I couldn’t gauge his reaction quite yet. I went on to tell him that I wanted him to fuck my wife, but that there was only one condition — his cock had to be bigger than 8-inches. He laughed, seeming to find this humorous.

“Oh, don’t you worry,” he said confidently, “It is.”

I took his number and told him that I’d be in touch and with any luck it would be later that evening. 

The House

I couldn’t wait to get home after work that night. I was filled with nerves and excitement. I couldn’t believe I’d actually propositioned this guy to have sex with my wife, but I was so glad I did because when I got home, she was clearly in a sexy mood. She had music playing, the wine was poured, and she was waiting for me outside in the hottub.

I knew instantly she was naked. The bubbles surrounded her bare shoulders. Her long blond hair was pulled up on top of her head with long strands falling down her neck. She smiled seductively as she sipped her wine. Another glass sat on the small table beside the jacuzzi for me. I quickly got undressed and joined her. 

Before long we were making out. Her hand was stroking my cock and I was finger banging her under the water. I cupped her large, luscious breasts in my hand, pulling them to the surface so I could lick and nibble her perky nipples. I pulled her from the hot, steamy water, propping her ass on the side of the hottub. I pushed her legs open wide, displaying her gorgeous, wet pussy. I loved nothing more than seeing my wife with her leg’s wide open waiting for whatever treat I had for her.

As I licked and sucked on her sweet juices, I imagined her hole being stretched and pounded by the guy from the bar. My cock throbbed beneath the water as the jets massaged my balls. I pulled away and looked up at her gorgeous body. 

“Are you up for something fun tonight?” I asked with a smirk.

She bit her lip seductively.

“Sure”, she said with a smile.

I told her she had to keep an open mind, that I had something special planned. She looked at me curiously and simply said, “I trust you.”

I stood up and grabbed her hand, leading us inside to the living room. We were both still dripping wet (her more than me). As she positioned herself comfortably on the couch, I grabbed my phone off the kitchen counter. I sent a quick text to the bull from earlier, giving him our address and a time. A flood of excitement and nerves filled my stomach and sent blood rushing to my dick. Was this really going to happen?

I walked over to join my hot, naked wife on the couch. She was laying there on her back, her gorgeous tits and pussy on display. I moved in quickly, mounting her and sliding into her pussy with ease. She was drenched. She whimpered, arching her back and digging her nails into my flesh. Her tits pressed against my chest and my balls smacked her beautiful, round ass.

I needed to slow down. I pulled my throbbing, twitching cock from her hot pussy and resumed eating her. As I devoured her dripping pussy and her body writhed beneath my hands, all I could think about was them. He was on his way to give my wife the best fuck of her life and she had no idea.

Night was falling and the room was getting dark. The living room was perfectly lit by a single lamp and two candles. As I feasted on my wife, I heard the knock at the door. Her body stiffened and she tried to sit up. Her face was filled with alarm.

“Shhh,” I said, stroking the inside of her thighs. “Don’t worry. Just stay there just like that. I have a surprise for you.” 

The Guest

I stood up, leaving her there on her back. I knew that after an entire bottle of red wine and how soaking wet her pussy was that she would be pleased with our guest. I opened the door and he walked in. He was taller than I remembered. His eyes grew wide and a smile spread across his face. I couldn’t blame him. My wife looked fucking amazing sprawleed out like that, her throbbing pussy just waiting to be fucked. Her eyes were wide too — a mix of shock and excitement. She didn’t budge.

The man had come prepared. He instantly dropped his shorts, displaying a huge, thick cock that was hard and ready to go. My wife’s mouth gaped open at the sight of his monster. In that instant, I swore I saw even more juice leak out of her pussy. I’d never seen her this wet. I moved back into position, jamming my throbbing dick back into her waiting hole. The guy stood next to her head, grabbing it and shoving it onto his huge cock. 

She happily obliged but struggled to even get the enormous head into her tiny mouth. I watched in amazement as she sucked and gagged on this guy’s thick, black cock. I had to pull out. My cock was about to explode. I was leaking precum all over the couch. I took a few deep breaths to keep myself from cumming all over her. I moved out from between her legs, making room for our guest. 

I sat on the armchair nearby where I had a clear view of my wife’s pussy. She held her legs spread with her hards wrapped around her bent knees as the muscled bull positioned himself. I watched in euphoria as he pushed the thick head of his cock into her pussy, her lips stretching as the rest of his cock filled her wet hole. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. It was like watching the best porn of my life except it was happening right in front of me and it was my wife. I was afraid if I touched my cock that I might explode so I just watched. I had a clear view of his huge cock sliding in and out of her. With each stroke his dick came out covered with more cum.

Like a porn producer, I started giving them orders. I knew how much she liked getting pounded doggy style, so I told him to move her into that position. The muscular guy easily grabbed her legs and spun her around. She laughed in surprise and excitement as he tossed her around like his own private sex doll. He shoved her face down into the pillow hard, pulling her ass high in the air. He gave it a firm slap with one hand while his other wrapped around his thick cock and slowly eased the head back inside her. His giant tool spread her pussy lips easily. She whimpered and gasped for air as he continued to fuck her with long, deep strokes. Her moans were muffled by the couch as she shoved her face deeper into the cushions. I’d never seen my wife’s pussy stretched that wide and she was loving every minute of it.

I knew she orgasmed at least twice. Once she screamed into the cushion and the next time I saw her body shake violently. I held her arms in place as he continued to pound her without letting up. He fucked her deep through each orgasm, not giving her a chance to rest. The cum was leaking out of her pussy, down her legs, and onto the couch. I didn’t think she could take much more.

The Finish

It was time. This was what I’d been fantasizing about for so long. 

I told him to flip her back over and start fucking her missionary style again. He obeyed, once again moving her small body with ease. Her feet were high up in the air, giving our guest the perfect view of her open, gaping pussy. He didn’t wait long before filling her back up with his thick black cock. I knew he was ready to cum. How could he not be after nearly an hour of fucking my wife’s hot pussy?

“Do you want him to cum in you, baby?” I asked her, already knowing the answer.

“Yes, she cried out. “Cum in me! Fuck me and cum in my pussy.” 

I stroked my cock as precum poured from the head. Hearing my wife beg for this hung stranger to shoot his cum in her almost made me explode. I was filled with a euphoric feeling as this hung dark bull started thrusting hard and fast, getting closer to climax. My wife’s wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, pulling his cock deeper inside her. She clung to his muscular body as he grunted, pounding harder and faster getting ready to blow in my wife. Here it comes, slamming his cock deeper, I could see his cock pulsate shooting his hot load into her pussy. I got in closer to watch pools of cum pouring out of her pussy and run down her ass crack. I loved watching his cock throbbing and pumping her with each cum shot.

He sat for a few seconds stunned from the orgasm he just had in my wife. I watched in amazement as he pulled his still hard cock out and more of his cum leaked from her. I couldn’t wait. It was my turn. Just as we’d discussed, without another word he nodded to me in acknowledgement and headed for the door.

My wife lay there, completely drenched in mixture of sweat and cum. She had a content smile on her face. I couldn’t wait to go second. I wanted to fuck her cum-filled pussy. I moved between her legs and slowly started fucking her again. I’d never felt so horny or dominant as I did in that moment — fucking her after she’d already been fucked by a hung stranger.

I leaned down, grabbing her face and kissing her deep and hard. It didn’t take long for my cock to explode. 

“Pump me full of your cum,” she begged me. “I want more cum in my pussy.”

I couldn’t believe the filthy words coming out of her mouth and it only made my orgasm that much more intense. I filled her up with my own hot load, it felt like the hardest cum shots I’ve ever let go, as I filled her pussy up with cum for the second time all I could think was how fucking lucky I was. After I finished, I pulled out and laid beside her, her legs draped over my body. We were both breathless, smelling of sex, cum and sweat.

“You’re the fucking best,” she said as she rubbed my chest.

Her other hand was draped over her toned stomach as she continued to come down off her high. I smiled contently at the fact that even after all these years together, our sex life just kept getting better.

I looked over at her and she met my gaze.

“Now that’s how you keep a happy wife,” I said with a smirk and she finished with “I fucking love you”.